Recruiting Services

We profile and match students to colleges to a level of detail that exceed anything anyone else has ever done before.  Our proprietary matching algorithms can deliver students to you that will both enroll and thrive and your institution.  And whereas others may simply deliver lists of names and email addresses with little other useful data beyond location and test scores, we deliver detailed, actionable insights to help you decide how much to focus on each student and the best way to go about doing so.

Prospect Scoring

Already have a list of names you are planning on marketing to? Do you know if they are a good fit for your institution and whether or not they are worth spending your precious marketing dollars on? We can help optimize your yield by enabling you to focus your outreach on those students that are most likely to enroll and thrive at your institution.

The same advanced matching system we use to profile and match students to their best fit colleges can be offered by you directly to each of your prospects via a custom white-labelled system that will help you identify which of your prospects you should focus on.


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