Increasing transparency in higher education through a smarter way to collect and share facts about colleges.

About the Project

Rather than slow data collection processes that rely on a single person to submit data, months and months to process it and then are limited to a small select group of people willing to pay for the data, we believe facts should be free. We are accomplishing this through more open data collection distribution. When facts become free, we can all start focusing on innovating around the insights and tools built from those facts instead of differentiating around the data itself. This will ultimately lead to better decisions for everyone in the higher education marketplace, from students to colleges.

Open Sources + Open Distribution

Data Sources

We expand and simplify the data collection process by creating a structured, scalable way for many to participate in gathering facts.

  • Open Data
  • Automated Collection
  • Research Volunteers
  • School Officials

Distribution Partners

We increase the ROI of contributors by distributing the data collected at no cost to anyone wishing to innovate on top of it. A few of our growing list of partners include:

  • Military Times
  • IAVA
  • Tencent Media
  • College Factual
  • USA Today
  • WSJ Asia

Featured Datasets

Here are some of the datasets we are actively collecting facts for right now. For a list of all of our datasets, click here.

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Help & Support