Graduate Business Schools

The purpose of this data set is to collect information that will help students seeking an MBA make the best decision for them.

Current Collection Period

We are currently collecting data for the 2017 rankings season, which means most partners will publish this data in the Fall of 2016. As such, data currently being reported will reflect the 2015 cohort, which means graduates from the spring of 2015 and enrollments and costs for the fall 2015 students.


We collect data year round and are always interested in the latest information. Several of our partners will periodically update their data throughout the year to reflect the latest information.  That said, certain publications require submission by a certain  time in order to be included.  Some of these deadlines are included below:

  • 2017 USA Today College Guide: June 10, 2016

Facts Collected

Here is a list of the information collected:

  • Applications
    • Number of applicants
    • Acceptance rate
    • Matriculation rate
  • Enrollment Demographics
    • Total enrollment
    • Total enrollment of parent institution
    • Average GMAT
    • Average Age
    • Percent of American Indian Students
    • Percent of Asian Students
    • Percent of Black Students
    • Percent of Hispanic Students
    • Percent of Pacific Islander Students
    • Percent of White Students
    • Percent of international students
    • Percent of female students
  • Costs
    • Tuition
    • Out of state tuition
    • Room and board
    • Average financial aid
    • Total direct federal grants/contracts
    • Average grant amount
    • Average price with aid
  • Resources
    • Number of students for each faculty member
  • Outcomes
    • Job placement rate
    • Average starting salary

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